Music Monday – for the dogs?

Since this week is shaping up to be one for the dogs, between work and working like a dog, I figured some dog-themed videos were in order.

First up, B1A4 – Solo Day. Cute story, cute dog, and I have a special place in my heart for B1A4. The Airbnb I stayed at in Seoul, or rather the cafe downstairs (same owners) had multiple B1A4 posters and a big “❤️ Seoul” sign on the roof, overlooking Namsan tower. So whenever I hear B1A4, I think of that place and the fun we had there and hanging out on the rooftop with its views of the city.

Next is Tomorrow x Together – Cat and Dog. It’s cute. The “purr purr” done as a typical rap/hiphop “brrr” is cute. Really cute. And the tune is super catchy. An earworm I pick up easily, and don’t really mind.

And rounding out this week with a song that’s all about those cute dogs in the thumbnail, and one with a worthy cause behind it. Super fun, too! Paloalto and Ph-1 join their dogs in Mungpal. Proceeds of the song go to a stray dog protection group in South Korea. “Don’t buy; Adopt.”


You can always click on the youtube link below to listen to all three on my playlist, too. 😉

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