May 10

Long day, super tired, but a quick update on writing and on the site.

Writing: Breathe, Day 5, still trudging along. I thought I had finished this next scene but I still don’t quite like it. I think I will try it from yet a differnt point of view and see if that feels better. I knew Day 5 would be the hardest of them all, but I’m feeling confident about it.

Site: I’ve been working on restoring Amy’s Serendipity pages. I have the main page, her cast page, her birthdays & celebrations page, her about me, and the first of three universe pages done, plus a couple of stories in that universe. Hoping I can put her stuff back online sooner rather than later.

I’m “dog tired” (see my earlier post), so that’s probably it for me tonight. I might try actually working on that scene tonight if my eyelids don’t keep drooping.

Good night, all! Peace and love!

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