May 9

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Today was an adventurous day. Ryma and I started out the morning going on a little drive. We explored the community of Mountain House, and that was … different. Mountain House is a “census-designated place” a few miles outside of Tracy. It’s just a collection of neighborhoods of McMansions with no yards, but there was an odd, eerie feel to the place.

It might have been that someone planned a community outside of any city limits with no amenities (no grocery stores, no coffee shops, etc.). I may be exaggerating; we didn’t explore the entire community. Mostly because it felt creepy.

It might have been the three females walking down the sidewalk in identical long-sleeved, long-skirted, blue dresses that did not look like some kind of quinceañera or bridesmaid party at all, which, in and of itself is like, yeah, they might have just been Amish. But they had very vacant expressions on their faces and walked so uniformly.

Or it might be this description that popped up when I googled Mountain House to find out if it was an actual town, city, or what-not.

How many things can you spot wrong with this response?

So we started the day off with a drive and we ended the evening with another drive. We went the opposite direction on the evening drive, across the San Joaquin, across the Sacramento, all the way into Fairfield.

Now, I used to live in Fairfield, decades ago, for a short time. I don’t think we were even there one year. It was during a period of my life that I have, for the most part, purposefully and successfully blocked from my mind. I was in 7th grade, starting a new school for the third time since 5th grade, and I was not in a good place.

Since we were on Highway 12, had just passed Travis AFB (where I had also lived), and were in Fairfield, I suggested we drive by the old house my parents had rented. It’s in a neighborhood where all the streets are named for birds. So we’re driving down Quail Street, turning onto Sandpiper, and I suddenly notice the court on the other side of Quail from Sandpiper has a name I’m very familiar with.

Apparently, with all the bad things I had blocked out of my mind from that place, I also blocked out something good.

So for a short period of my life, I lived just a block away from Bobwhite Ct. Coinkydink?

All in all, a nice drive, both morning and evening ones, and good conversations.

Not much else to report today except I did knock out another scene in Breathe, Day 5. Yay! If I keep managing to get through one scene per day, I should be finished with the rewrite before the end of this month.

I still need to work on that Whisper epilogue, too, though. :/

Hope everyone has enjoyed their day, or at least had something happen that brought a smile to their face. Or better yet, that there are adventures all around, and the exploring never ends. 🙂

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