May 6

Brought over another universe to the new site today. Slowly but surely I’m getting there. Made a few updates to the blog also. Trying a slightly different layout but it leaves a big gray bar at the top if I don’t select a feature image. I’ve managed to find the css class to make that bar smaller so playing around with that for now, even with an image. 🙂

Writing-wise, still whittling away at Day 5. It’s coming together.

I’ve been thinking about linking my twitter and instagram here, but I’m not very active in either. The only reason I’m even contemplating it is because there’s this handy little social media widget thing, and I have no social media presence. I’ve shared on instagram a grand total of zero times in my life. I’ve at least posted on twitter maybe twice in the past year? So there’s really no point besides the theme’s cute little social media bar. lol!

Not much else going on tonight.

Hope everyone’s had a good day. Do something that makes you smile or laugh! Peace.

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