Cinco de Mayo

After logging off work, I tried to tackle the next scene of Breathe, Day 5. I fixed names, some subtle changes in characterization, and added about 500 words to it. Then I read through it and I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. I took a more critical look at it and thought maybe I ought to just cut the entire scene out.

Then my daughter and I took a drive up into the hills, a familiar little route along Marsh Creek, with lots of cows, horses, some wild turkeys at the side of the road, and lots of beautiful estates and farms, which provided some inspiration for the setting of this scene.

As we got back into town, a small car parade went by for Cinco de Mayo, their flags waving proudly and music playing from the open windows. I’ve always loved Cinco de Mayo, and my family’s not even Mexican. Well, no, some of my tíos and primos are. But I identify as fully 50% Nicaraguan, for the record. 🇳🇮 Still love a good Cinco de Mayo celebration, so it was nice to see people doing something for the occasion. 🇲🇽

But none of that has to do with writing, except that it brightened up my mood.

Anyway, I got back home, looked at the scene again, and realized I couldn’t just cut it out completely because it’s otherwise too big of a jump from point A to point C without this point B in between. So I’ve rewritten it from a different character’s POV, cutting about half of it out. It seems to be working better this way.

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  1. Love that you got a nice drive that helped jump start what you needed and improved your mood. So glad!

  2. Deanna says:

    Yay for a reworked scene and outings with family. Sometimes all you need is a break and a different perspective!

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