Music Monday – feeling random

No theme for today’s music post, so just picking three songs at random from my playlist.

(G)I-DLE – LOST – One of my favorite ‘girl groups’ in k-pop, and this one has what I would consider to be a softer sound than many of their tracks. Yuqi, who may well be my bias in the group, had a hand in both the lyrics and composition of this song, which may be why it has that softer sound when compared to Soyeon’s style, which I also love.

“If I cover the blinding sunlight with my hand, will it get dark?
If I cover you from the stained memories, will you be forgotten?”

Eric Nam – Paradise – The way work’s been going for me recently, I just relate to this video so much. First, I need more of me. I don’t know that I want a whole clone army of “me” working though. I hope at least one of me gets to go exploring “paradise”.

The fever of freedom gets farther and farther away
The future I’ve been drawing is getting blurry

Katie – ECHO – The song is an R&B track, love song, and the video is an artistic sci-fi visual story. Maybe it can inspire some time travel and flying fruit vibes. 😀 The guitar always grabs me in this one, as well as her haunting vocals. The way she plays with the echo on her lyrics is nice, too.

Noticed something different when I met you
Something ’bout you, you
Makes me want you, you

Hmm, so it seems a lot of “love songs” are on my playlist that I do actually love, but I don’t consider myself a fan of love songs in general. I don’t count Eric Nam’s as a love song, but two of the three … that still feels like two too many. 😉

Hope you give these a listen and enjoy!


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  1. Deanna says:

    I liked them all, but I loved Katie. I left her on and let her mix play through a couple work hours yesterday. Most wonderful enhancement to my workday.

    I can relate to that Paradise one quite a bit, myself.

    But are you sure there isn’t a theme? Interesting how all 3 happen to reference the concept of blocking light with a hand. It’s in the lyrics from the first, there’s an action of it in the Paradise video and it’s right in the image for the Katie link.

    And there can never be too much Love! 🙂

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