April end

I may have to steal Susan’s idea of naming the posts with some clever month-thing and the day #. I mean the whole Day 1, etc. fits in with the angels theme, too. *blinks innocently*

I feel like I made some good progress on Breathe today, and yet I still have the same 3 scenes left to go through on Day 3. It was more a lot of self-editing and tweaking as I read through what I had so far.

On a side note, I broke fast today. A few hours after the 2nd vaccine jab, I was feeling especially weak and out of it, so decided I should listen to the medical staff and stay hydrated today. Really hoping I don’t have any other symptoms in the next few days. Fasting is such a personal thing to me, so I plan to make up the day later next month. I’m hoping to keep it to just one day I need to make up, but if I do end up feeling ill from the vaccine, I will be drinking during the day.

Sort of an unspoken goal for April was to keep up with this blog, and I’m happy to say that I have been so far. Let’s hope for posting nearly every day in May, too. There may be a long weekend in there when I unplug from everything, though, too, if plans aren’t changed.

But before I unplug, I’m looking forward to a writing chat this weekend! Those are always such fun, and usually productive, too.

Hope all of you have something you’re looking forward to, too. Peace!

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  1. Steal away! And go you on the daily postings! It gets kind of addicting – builds on itself after a while. 🙂

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