Work kicked my butt today

No time for any writing. Had a huge last-minute work thing that took me over 7 hours to finish, and I didn’t get the request until after noon. I’m exhausted. I’d hoped to take the day off tomorrow. Crossing my fingers I still can.

I also get my 2nd covid shot tomorrow.

I did get some wonderful edits and feedback on my fanfic story, which was super. And I noted some thoughts down on a possible epilogue for that, as well as still working on the prologue for the new Breathe, so hoping to have some writing time tomorrow if the vaccine doesn’t wipe me out.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone. Peace!

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  1. Deanna says:

    What do we want? Fanfiction story epilogues! When do we want them? Whenever you have time!

  2. Ugh on the work thing. *hugs* I hope the covid shot went okay today. Sending you loads of “feel better” thoughts and prayers. And yay for more writing, whenever it occurs!

    • viv s says:

      Thank you! So far so good, but it’s early hours yet. Symptoms from the second shot usually occur the next day it seems, from those I’ve spoken to.

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