tired …

I’m feeling too tired to write much. Did some work on Breathe – Day 3, deleted a scene that I just wasn’t feeling worked that well, and added a new intro scene.

Oh, and the dead possum was apparently just playing dead. I didn’t know possums could “play” dead for so long. The whole dog & possum ordeal happened somewhere between 9pm and 10:30pm yesterday. This morning, 7am, the possum’s still there, looking dead. 8am the possum’s still there, looking dead. 9:30am the possum’s gone. Not a trace. So either that possum was out far longer than normal (unusual) or a bird of prey swooped down and made off with it (not likely). :shrug: At least I hadn’t bagged it up and thrown it in the garbage if it was still alive.

That’s it for me. I need to close my eyes and sleep. Peace!

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