a little excitement, but not the fun kind

So the dog went nuts tonight in the backyard, in the corner between the large palm and the back fence. He was barking up a storm, so I knew he had a possum cornered again. Only this time, the possum was on the ground.

I tried, rather unsuccessfully, to get my mostly trained pooch to “leave it”—something he’ll do readily if it’s a toy, my shoe, one of the cats, even a treat. He wasn’t listening in the face of a growling, hissing possum.

I tried to get a folding chair in between him and the possum, thinking to block him from the possum. I’m thinking: possum is free to move on, I get the dog’s attention, and bring him back inside. Dumb me. Expectations did not meet reality as the possum freaked out, lunged at Debo, and then Debo grabbed it in his mouth and snapped its neck.

He seems to be all right; Debo that is, not the possum. The possum’s quite dead. I’ll have a fun time calling animal control to pick up the corpse. I hope they’ll do that. Otherwise I will have some horribly smelling garbage all week. But Debo has one small cut above his eye. A tiny one. His vaccines are all up to date, natch, so I’m not too worried, but I’m keeping an eye on him just in case.

I usually leave the back door open a smidge for the cats to go in and out, but all four cats are in the house and the door is closed. No possum fun for them, please and thank you.

In other news, I finally have all of the What I Believe In universe up on the fan-fiction side of things, aka, Sleepyside Apartments. Now I have to figure out which universe I want to work on next. Fairy Tales? Window? Or the one-offs known as Lost in the Woods.

Hope everyone is doing well! Take care of yourself. Peace!

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  1. Yikes! That was an adventure! I’d be so very not happy. This is one of the many reasons I’m not an animal person. Eeek. Glad Debo and the cats are okay.

    • viv s says:

      Yep, everyone is fine. Even the possum. 😉 I could’ve sworn I heard a snapping sound but it could’ve been a twig or something. And I had no idea how well possums play dead, nor how long they could do that for.

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