Breathe Day 2 – Finished

Finally finished up Day 2 of Breathe on the Small Things. I had to add a lot more backstory that was missing from the original. As a fanfiction story, the readers know the characters’ backstories already. Now that these are new characters, I had to fill that in. I added just over 1000 words today, and ended up adding nearly 6000 words to the “chapter” overall. I didn’t say everything about everyone, but hopefully enough to give the readers a sense of who’s who, with the thought that I’ll reveal more in the subsequent chapters as needed.

Now I have to move on to one of those: Day 3. 🙂

It’s only 9pm here, so I’ll probably spend some more time writing, or looking at the comments one of my beta readers left on the fanfiction story earlier today, or both. Who knows?

Hope everyone is doing well. Do something to comfort yourself, whether you think you need to or not. Peace and love!

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