Music Monday – Tobe!

I’m in an odd mood and I wasn’t sure what to choose for my weekly music section this time around, but these are the three songs I’ve settled on, all collaborations coincidentally, though really, the last song alone would’ve been enough.

1) X.Q x EL Rune – Highway
A new track from earlier this week, I discovered this amazing X.Q. x EL Rune album from another song they dropped (MOVE), and now I’m going through and listening to a bunch of their songs, whether the two artists together, solo, or with other collabs. I’m liking most of what I’m hearing. I love finding new-to-me artists!

2) Wale & RM – Change
From 2017, still relevant. Two intellectuals talking about some real stuff, and we’re still waiting for the world to change for the better. Speaking of which …

3) Tobe Nwigwe ft Olu of Earthgang + Duckwrth – Wildlings
This came out recently, end of last year. These guys are speaking some real truth, and it’s sometimes hard, even uncomfortable, to hear, but it needs to be heard. Just these lines from the chorus, bridge, whatever those parts of the song are called, “‘Cause where we from you cannot come up ’til you get down” and “It ain’t hard to do dirt, when you fresh out the mud.” I don’t think enough people really hear this, and even if they have, not enough understand.

I first listened to this song back in November when it dropped (I’ve been a fan since DEBO!), and I listened to Tobe’s verse and thought “yes” and then I listened to Duckwrth’s verse and I was floored and then came Olu’s verse and I was struck.

I know it’s hard to think a white woman in her 50s relates to this song, and I can’t imagine the pain and fear so many others have had to go through, but I can listen and spread the story, because stories are important. This story is important.



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