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Because I love music, I thought I’d do a weekly ‘what I’m listening to’ post. Sometimes it will be new music, sometimes not.

There were so many good songs released this month so far that I’m just loving, and so I’m going to share those and hope other people love them, too.

Oh, did I not mention I’m into Korean music? Not just K-Pop but indie, hiphop, and trot, too. Y’all ought to know that about me by now. But I promise that’s not all I listen to, just 90%ish at the moment. I’d recommend adding English captions if you watch these videos, but if it’s the ‘auto-generated’/’auto-translate’ English, don’t bother. Those are always 50%+ incorrect. And these videos don’t include English cc.

I’ll start with Ahn Ye Eun, because I stan. Sailing is the title track from her new album which dropped on April 3rd (at least in US Pacific Time). Her voice captivates me and she incorporates so many different elements into the song production. If you like this, I highly recommend Trumpet Creeper by her as well — the warning that pops up is for horror, but if you ask me, it’d be PG-13 by American standards. Like honestly, not sure it’d even rate that high. I don’t find it very graphic or scary at all. Maybe I’m overly desensitized. ๐Ÿคท For a completely different feel (like I said, I stan!), I’d go with Waltz. I love everything about that song and video.

Next up, is KNOA’s new track, TICKET which came out on April 8th. This one actually has the English subtitles as part of the video. It’s a trippy/chill vibe. I’m awful at describing music. Partly because I hate labels and because everything has so many nuances it’s impossible for me to box them into just one category. So maybe I shouldn’t bother to try. But yeah, I’m liking the sound of this. For additional KNOA, I’d recommend No Heart.

And for my third new music track this week, I’m going to go with BE’O – BAD LOVE which came out on April 11th. This is my first time hearing BE’O and I was hooked from the first cough. I’ll be checking out more from this innovative artist for sure. Plus I love the hair.


And since I always love discovering new music, feel free to add any songs you’re listening to in the comments! I say that like so many people follow this blog. LOL. But I do want to know what all two or three of my followers are grooving/vibing/chilling/rocking out to.

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