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Pretty good day writing-wise. Still only about half-way through re-writing Day 2 of Breathe on the Small Things. Since these are all new characters, I have a lot more backstory to add to introduce the large cast of players. I’ve decided to rewrite one scene from a different character’s POV also. I think it will help with the flow and minimize the POV changes, so hoping I can make it work.

I also got a little bit of editing done on With the Purpose of Being Found, and some feedback to mull over from my beta readers. I love that, and them. I seriously appreciate when they point out things that make me think and help me tighten up characterization and just generally improve as a writer. Their feedback is invaluable to me.

Did no work on building up the website, but I did also start looking into copyright registration, immediately got overwhelmed by it all, and went for a ride and a walk instead. My daughter and I took the dog to a new-to-us park which he seemed to enjoy.

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  1. Susan says:

    Yay on the writing and editing!! 🙂

    Everything about the business of writing overwhelms me. 😬. I would have done the same thing! (Except the dog and daughter part because I have neither. 😆)

    • viv s says:

      Thanks! It is a very overwhelming prospect, the whole publish thing. Daunting. But something I do want to pursue eventually. I’m allowing myself to take it slow, just one piece at a time, and not feeling like I have to do all of it at once.

      • That’s a good way to look at things! I am hoping to return to the Publish and Thrive course I signed up for and haven’t gotten much through yet. I also found a “how to revise your novel” from another author I like, so I thought maybe that might be a good one to try, too. Now just to find time to do all of this and write, too. You’re much further along than I am in this process!

        • viv s says:

          I keep meaning to look into that Publish and Thrive course, too. But first I need to have something ready to publish. 😉

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