I’m not keeping track of word counts, but I have written quite a bit today. Since I’m going back to the first story, now that I know more about these characters, I’m able to add more details, show more of what’s happening. I think I’ve added roughly 1600 words this week, not all today.

Meanwhile, I need a name for this series. Something that rolls off the tongue, sounds good, and encompasses who these characters are.

I was thinking The Messengers, but I’m pretty sure that name’s been used by other works, so that’s probably out.

Maybe something else, something simple, like Daria. Which I just realized sounds a lot like Narnia. Very different places, though. Somehow Daria both is and isn’t anything like Aslan. 😉

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  1. Susan says:

    Daria could be a fun name! Although The Messengers is also good. I think that a simple name along those lines would be a great series name. I am terrible with titles. But if I think of anything, I will suggest some! 🙂

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